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Coming soon! - the info below is from 2017

Intensive learning at DC Swing eXperience! These Specially Ticketed Seminars will turbo-boost your learning. Serious westies & those ready for deep dive concepts only! Participation is limited. Prospective participants may check their WSDC level here. Purchase individually at the prices below, or choose all 3 intensives together for $135 through October 31. Pre-registration is required. Register Now. These seminars are not included with any pass.

“Connection” with Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Tension, compression; send, receive; listen, communicate. Join Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake, masters of partnership at all levels, to deep dive into concepts of connection in west coast swing. This two hour restricted-audience intensive includes technique and concept work with application to patterns.
• Friday Nov 17 2-4pm
• WSDC Intermediate or above, or permission of the instructor recommended
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $65
“Dancing to the Fast Blues Canon” with Robert Royston
Are you a Funky Mama or a Fool Gone Wrong? Do you belong at the All Star Joint? The inimitable Robert Royston leads an exploration of dancing to the classic fast blues tracks of west coast swing. You might not be ready for your next fast blues competition after this session, but you’ll know how to get a bit Further on Up the Road to loving the music & the dance.
• Saturday Nov 18 11-1pm
• WSDC Intermediate or above, or permission of the instructor recommended
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $65

“Teaching West Coast Swing” - Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Two of the best teachers on the circuit share their knowledge and insight surrounding teaching and learning. Explore curriculum, planning and class management for west coast swing with Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake in a small group intensive format.
• Friday Nov 17 11am-1pm
• WSDC All Star, experienced WCS teacher, or permission of the instructor recommended
• You must also purchase an event pass
• $65

Comunity Organizers Forum
Behind the scenes is the hardest work! Join this moderated forum to share information and resources with other people who teach, organize dances and run local dance scenes. Discussion, peer networking, problem solving, support giving and snacks provided; follow up supportive friendships encouraged. Pre-registrations is required.
• Saturday Nov 17 11am-1pm

"Ask the DJ" Panel Discussion - Katie, Louis, Victor and more
Come with your questions, or just listen and learn. Social dancing and competitions, technical know-how and building a music collection, choosing songs and changing the mood: our DJs do it all! Appreciative dancers, aspiring DJs, and the merely curious are all welcome in this session. Now's your chance to rest your tootsies with our talented team and learn a little bit about their craft.
• Sunday Nov 18 11am-1pm
• Ticketed the same as hourly workshops. A Sunday pass, Super Pass or a Party Pass + Workshop token required.

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