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Intensive learning at DC Swing eXperience! These separately ticketed sessions will turbo-boost your learning. Serious westies & those ready for deep dive concepts only! Participation is limited. Prospective participants may check their WSDC level here. Purchase sessions individually for $30 each or choose all 3 intensives together for $75 through November 9. Pre-registration is required. Register Now. These seminars are not included with any pass.

"Blues" - Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

If you don’t like to WCS to blues, it might just mean you aren’t a westie yet. In this intense special session, Kyle & Sarah will use their famous “How Long Can a Fool Go Wrong” routine as a case study, as they masterfully break down the structure, build up your toolbox, fill your feet with confidence, and turn your westie heart a little bit blue. (Warning: Your favorite songs might change this day.)

2-3:45 Friday
WSDC Int/Adv+, or permission of the instructor recommended

“Winning Basics”
- Robert Royston

Could you win a Jack & Jill with just your basics? Are your fundamentals fantastic? Do your foundations soar? Can you tell a novice sugar push from a champion one? West Coast Swing is both infinitely variable and grounded in basic elements. This intensive course with Legend Robert Royston, WCS standard bearer, winner of all things, cheerleader, dance nerd and teacher of teachers, will position you to win ‘em over on your first pass. (Warning: For maximum impact, you’ll have to do your homework.)

11-12:45 Friday

“Movement for Life” - Jeff Mumford

Triple stepping when you’re ninety! Pain-free passes & sugar pushes for years! West Coast Swing wants to be your friend for life. Your quality of movement in your dance depends on a strong & flexible body and knowledge of how to use dance technique to support effective, efficient motion. Whether you are an older dancer, a teacher, or a young person who wants to dance pain free forever, this two-hour, attentive session is for you. (Warning: You might boogie all night after this one.)

11-12:45 Saturday

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