November 13-16th, 2014  Hyatt Dulles - Herndon, VA

West Coast Swing

Social Dancing - Workshops - Fun Competitions

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DCSX offers BIG parties Thursday & Sunday nights!
The contest entry deadlines listed are the absolute last chance to enter.

Thursday November 13th
6pm Registration opens
8pm Choice of 2 workshops
9pm All night dance party

Friday November 14th
Noon Registration opens
1pm Strictly ProAm registration closes
1pm Hourly workshops begin
2pm ProAm contests, awards
7pm Strictly Swing registration closes
8:30pm Strictly Swing contests
10:30pm Strictly Swing Awards

Saturday November 15th
10:30am Registration opens
Noon Hourly workshops begin
Noon Contest registration closes
2pm Jack & Jill preliminary & semi finals
8:30pm Rising Star Contest
9pm Open Swing Routine Contest
9:30pm Superstar Show
10:30 Invitational Jack & Jill

Sunday November 16th
11:30am Registration opens
Noon Hourly workshops begin
1pm ProAm Spotlight, Teams & Cabaret contests
2pm All remaining Jack & Jill finals (spotlight style)
5pm Awards
8pm Farewell Party at the Hyatt

Workshops in yellow are included with any weekend pass OR that evening's session pass. ALL other workshops require a $15 workshop token and a day pass or weekend pass to access the event areas. A Gold Pass includes unlimited workshops. See tickets for the options and pricing. Partners are not required for any workshops. Students will rotate partners throughout classes. Video taping workshops is not allowed. A professionally produced video notebook containing brief reviews of all the workshops and highlights of the contest footage will be for sale.
THURSDAY November 13th (Registration opens at 6pm)
8pm Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake, Workshop 1
Jason Barnes, Workshop 2
9pm  West Coast Swing Welcome Party goes all night long!

Luray Ballroom
Cirrus BCD
Cirrus A
FRIDAY November 14th Registration opens at noon. 1pm ProAm entry deadline.
1pm Workshop 3
Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith
Workshop 4 

Practice & Private Lessons


2pm   ProAm Contests
Leaders, New, Nov, Int, Adv
Followers New, Nov, Int, Adv
  Workshop 5
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake

3pm Workshop 6
Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith
4pm Workshop 7
5pm   Workshop 8
Robert & Nicola Royston
Workshop 9
John Festa
6pm Workshop 10
Robert & Nicola Royston
Workshop 11
Gary Jobst
FRIDAY NIGHT (requires Friday night pass or weekend pass). 7pm Strictly Swing contest entry deadline
7pm Workshop 12
Kyle & Sarah
Workshop 13
Jason Barnes
Workshop 14
8:30 Strictly Swing Contests
Sophisticated, Nov, Int, Adv, Open

Open Dancing During Contests
Practice & Private Lessons
10:30   Awards
late West Coast Swing Party
SATURDAY November 15th Registration opens at 10:30am. Noon contest entry deadline for all remaining contests

noon Workshop 15
The Art of Recovery
John Lindo
 Workshop 16
Workshop 17
1pm Workshop 18
Benji Schwimmer & Torri Smith
  Workshop 19
Robin Smith
Workshop 20
Jack & Jill Contest
Preliminaries & Semi Finals

Soph, New, Nov, Int, Adv, Allstar

Open Dancing Between Levels

 Workshop 21
Workshop 22
3pm Workshop 23 Workshop 24
4pm Workshop 25 Workshop 26
5pm  Workshop 27 Workshop 28
6pm Closed for rehearsal Workshop 29
Workshop 30
SATURDAY NIGHT (requires Saturday night pass or weekend pass)
7pm Workshop 31
Add Spring to Your Swing
John Lindo
Workshop 32
Robin Smith
Workshop 33
8:30 Rising Star Contest

Open Dancing


Practice & Private Lessons


9pm Open Swing Contest
9:30 Superstar Show
10:30 Invitational Jack & Jill
late West Coast Swing Party
SUNDAY November 16th (Registration opens at 11:30am)
noon Workshop 34
Workshop 35 Workshop 36
1pm ProAm Spotlight
Cabaret & Team Contests
Workshop 37
Workshop 38
2pm   Jack & Jill Finals
Soph, New, Nov, Int, Adv, Allstar
Open Dancing
Workshop 39 Workshop 40
3pm Workshop 41 Workshop 42
5pm Final Awards
7pm Workshop 41 Fun with Music (int)
Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal
8pm Late Night West Coast Swing Party

Wrap It Up - Learn how to get in and out of intricate complex twisty advance patterns.

The Art of Recovery - Learn how to recover from common mishaps on the social dance floor... and make it look good!

Add Some Spring to your West Coast Swing - Focus on the connection and constant movement within the danc