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Coming in 2015 We've added Masters Swing Tour events!


Prizes -  Rules  -   Winners
Many fun dance contests are offered. There are divisions for many skill and experience levels from 1st time rookie competitors to seasoned professionals. Winners receive cash prizes, gift certificates, peer admiration and custom plaques or trohpy. All contests will be judged by well respected judges and scored using the relative placement system. Below is a simple summary of the contests. There are entry requirements and limitations specific to each contest. Read the complete rules if you would like to participate.

Strictly Swing - Enter with your partner, we pick the music. No costumes or choreography allowed.
Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Open, Sophisticated(35+), Masters (50+)
$30 entry fee (in advance) or $35 onsite
ProAm - Enter with your teacher
Levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Youth (under 16), Sophisticated(35+).
$30 entry fee (advance) or $35 onsite
Jack & Jill - The ultimate social dance contest with cash prizes! Enter without a partner, couples are randomly paired, we pick the music. There will be multiple rounds of competition.
levels: Sophisticated(35+), Mastsers (50+), Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Allstar, Champion
$20 entry fee (advance) $25 onsite
All Jack & Jill finals at DCSX will be danced "Spotlight" format!

Choreography - Bring your partner, your music, your costumes and routine and enjoy 3 minutes of fame in the spotlight for our live audience and 1000s more wathcing online. A chance to win big prize money!
Rising Star - Any swing style lifts are allowed but not required
Open Swing -
Any swing style lifts are allowed but not required
Masters(50+) -
Any swing style lifts are allowed but not required
Cabaret - Any non swing choreographed performance. Individual, couple or groups
ProAm Spotlight - Teacher/Student couples, any swing style
Team - Swing based choreography with 4 or more couples
$60 entry fee (advance) or $70 onsite

DCSX is a member of the World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) Points are awarded to winners and finalists in the West Coast Swing Jack & Jill contests. Points earned determine which level contest you are eligible to enter. see rules

DCSX is a member of the MASTERS TOUR of events that offer Choreography, Strictly Swing, Jack & Jill for dancers over 50.

DCSX is licensed with Ascap, BMI and Seasac through membership in the National Fast Dance Association.

PRIZES! All winners recieve a custom trophy
* Any contest with fewer than 5 entries may be cancelled or prize payouts reduced. 

Strictly West Coast Swing Open $450
1st $200
2nd $150
3rd $100

Strictly West Coast Swing Sophisticated, Masters, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced
1st $100
2nd $75

3rd $50

Open Swing Routine $1000
1st $500
2nd $300

3rd $200

Swing Team $1000
1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200

Rising Star $500
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd $100

Masters(50+) $500
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd $100

Cabaret $500
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd $100

Jack & Jill Contests
Cash prizes for 1st - 3rd place are based on the number of entries
1st - 3rd placements receive medals

ProAm Spotlight
Top 3 placements recognized with custom plaques
Winner receives ticket & entry fee for MADjam (info)

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