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"WHAT JUDGES REALLY SEE" Competitors Workshop

*Put yourself on the other side of the clipboard!*
Do you wonder what the judges actually see during Jack and Jills? What's on that clipboard, and how do you decide scores? Knowledge is power in this two-part "behind the scenes" interactive peek into the world of judging a luck of the draw WCS competition.

... Improve your ability to critique your own performances
... Hone your strategy for Jack and Jills
....See what the judges see
....Receive individualized pro feedback on your comp dancing
....Broaden your understanding of these contests

Thursday 7-10pm: In the first part of this four hour hands-on workshop before the event begins, you'll participate in a group discussion and in *both* sides of mock West Coast Swing J&J competitions, with guidance from experienced professional judges Kay Newhouse and Dawn Garrish.

Sunday 6-7pm: A post-event discussion follow up with Kay and Dawn will give you an opportunity to process what you learned over the weekend, look over score sheets together, and ask questions.

Who is this workshop for?
✓ newcomer/novice J&J dancers
✓ casual dancers who just want to learn more about these popular contests
✓ allstar & allstar-aspiring serious competitors
✓ experienced judges who want an afternoon of reflective professional development (Please query Kay or Dawn for separate RSVP process if you are a current judge on the WSDC circuit.)

The cost is $95 before November 12th.
Select the intensive from the "workshops" tab when you register online.

Current WSDC judges please message us for separate registration

RSVP "Going" on Facebook to get updates & info.
Questions? Contact Kay Newhouse or Dawn Blorstad Garrish

About the instructors:
Kay Newhouse is an experienced, GPDIA-certified judge and teacher who is known for her transformational understanding of community and learning. She fell in love with West Coast Swing in the DC area in the mid 90s, and even while winning contests and traveling internationally to compete and judge, she has always been a social dancer at heart. With a master’s degree in education from Teachers College, Columbia University, she combines an understanding of pedagogy with deep love of this dance and our community, and a unique ability to address the range of experiences we all bring to this dance. She is also on staff at DCSX as teacher, contest judge, newcomer program director, and creative consultant to Event Director Dave Moldover. http://www.kayWCS.com

Dawn Garrish is the trusted head judge at all Dance Jam Productions events [DCSX, Swing Fling and MADjam] as well as many other events. She has been judging, teaching and competing in the swing & country dance communities for over 25 years. With extensive knowledge in competitive dancing, she has won two UCWDC World Titles, 6 US Open Swing Titles, and multiple Top Teacher Awards. Dawn is a legend of the dance world. Dancers, competitors and judges of all levels seeking to refine their skills look to her as a mentor and friend. http://www.deananddawn.com/

What People Are Saying:

“I think this was the most I've ever learned through realization in a workshop. If you have not taken this one sign yourself up, please.” - Sascha

“This workshop totally changed how I understood the competitive process. I highly recommend taking it!” - Megan

“The knowledge in this workshop was priceless to me, jack and jills have never be the same, such freedom instead of stress! Woot” - Joe

“I really enjoyed this 4 hour workshop. I could have easily been six hours with this content. I understand better now what and why.” - Eugene

“For anyone who competes, it clears up so much of the mystery, much beyond the basic Timing, Technique, Teamwork advice.”

“It gives a holistic perspective of the competition and judging. Would recommend to fellow competitors.”
I’d recommend this workshop to “people who are getting frustrated with their competition results or just want to understand the process better.” -Alyssa

“Most helpful workshop I’ve ever attended!” - Jennifer

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